Fast connections and high network quality

With over 1,000 peering, we offer one of the best connections in Germany for the secure, fast and reliable accessibility of your servers, applications and data.

High availability

Hosttest - Webhoster VergleichThe high quality and availability of our connection is regularly confirmed by independent tests, e.g. by

Top position with over 1,000 peerings

The high number of peerings of Hostserer GmbH and our presence at several Internet nodes ensures our customers optimal short package runtimes and a high connection quality incl. improved data protection and better protection against IP and route hijacking compared to a pure transit connection.

With currently over 1,000 peerings and our presence at the DE-CIX, AMSIX and E-CIX Internet nodes, we are one of the best-peered hosting providers in Germany, as the evaluation by Hurican Electric on shows.

Prominent peering partners

Thanks to our open peering policy and our long-standing presence at important Internet nodes, we have peerings with many well-known and important network operators, including:

  • 1&1,Versatel, Strato, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Netflix, …

and over 900 other providers from Germany and Europe.

Selected transit partners

We supplement our connections with selected and innovative transit partners who generally have a worldwide network.
We use the latest routing techniques such as selective blackholing to protect our infrastructure and customers.

All information, in particular on AS, bandwidths, subscribers, peering, etc., is subject to change. Status: September 2017

Internet nodes
Hostserver GmbH is present at the following IX:
With 700 participants and over 5.5 TB peak, DE-CIX Frankfurt Main is one of the largest Internet nodes in the world.
With over 800 networks (AS), the Amsterdam network node AMS-IX is also one of the largest network nodes in the world.
ECIX, with over 170 participants and several locations, is the second largest Internet node in Germany.