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Managed Kubernetes the fast track to agile management of your container workloads

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Manage and operate your container workloads easily and conveniently without having to maintain Kubernetes yourself. Concentrate on your applications and benefit from the performance and security of our Managed Kubernetes Cluster.

Stability, security and performance

Our Managed Kubernetes solution offers more performance, stability and security through the complete separation of Kubernetes clusters per customer. All upgrades are tested by us in advance and rolled out individually. Our performance-optimised cluster environment guarantees consistently high performance for your applications.

Container Orchestration with Kubernetes

Kubernetes combines individual containers that represent an application or a service into logical units (pods). This facilitates the planning and management of applications and services that can consist of several hundred containers. In recent years, Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for the management of containers.

Test for 30 days!

Test for 30 days!

Test our Kubernetes clusters for 30 days as part of a POC – Proof of Concept.


We support you!

during the setup of SSL and load balancer, among other things, up to the first deployed container

Managed Kubernetes Vorteile

  • High availability through redundant control planes

  • 100% Location Germany

  • ISO 27001 certified managed hosting

  • Particularly high-performance cluster

  • DSGVO Compliant with AV / ADV

  • Comprehensive support

Over 20 years of expertise in business hosting in Germany – References

We have been serving our customers competently and reliably for 20 years. From conception to operation to the end of the project. We provide state-of-the-art and technology-neutral advice on IT security, performance, scaling, operation, fail-safety, geo-redundancy, monitoring and backup.

Managed Kubernetes – Prices

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Consulting / Distribution

Consulting / Distribution