DDoS protection – analysis, preparation, defence

With our DDoS Mitigation Service you can secure your website and online application against current DDoS attacks.

Comprehensive analysis of your web project

In our analysis, all relevant aspects of your website and online application are analysed. We determine which requirements for DDOS protection result from the current structure as well as the use of your web project and the current hosting setup. Using a comprehensive checklist, we compare your requirements with the current state and work out concrete improvements.


The “hardening” of web projects is based on the results of the comprehensive analysis and can be implemented for you directly by our technical service to a large extent. From the use of anycast-based, globally distributed name servers to the use of edge caches and separately routed network areas, you receive tried-and-tested, customised solutions. These allow fast, flexible protection of your website and application.

Hardening also includes a project-specific emergency manual. It ensures that the appropriate measures for your project and target group are taken directly. Depending on the scope of the hardening, DDoS protection of up to 100 GBit/s can be activated within a short time.

Active protection in the event of a DDoS attack

In the specific case of a DDoS attack, the protective measures previously determined on the basis of the analysis and DDoS hardening and suitable for your project are initiated by our network administrators.

Data protection and data processing during a DDoS

Depending on the requirements and size of the DDoS attack, DDoS protection is realised in our data centres on site (Germany), in data centres in Europe (Germany, Netherlands) or worldwide. According to your requirements, we proceed in a graduated manner according to the type and size of an attack.