What is Managed Hosting?

24/7 server, application and IT support from experts with years of know-how.

For over 20 years, we have been supporting sophisticated hosting solutions from simple web servers to modern cluster systems, replicated databases and the latest technologies. With our knowledge and experience, we support you competently from the planning to the operation and expansion to the end of a project and, if desired, with a personal ITIL ServiceManager. You benefit from our comprehensive hosting know-how and the latest technology without having to invest in staff and technology yourself.

Managed hosting – the advantages

Easier to scale and achieve redundancy

Do you want to scale up or increase redundancy with your application or project? Know-how and lack of staff are one of the biggest hurdles for the growth of successful IT projects today. As a specialised managed hosting provider, we provide you with comprehensive support. Starting with a single server or service up to your own geo-redundant cluster/cloud solution at multiple locations, we provide you with everything from a single source.

We are happy to advise you on the scaling and redundancy of individual services, application stacks and databases in order to take potential expansion into account during the initial setup and to avoid expensive adjustments later in the project.

Availability and speed

Through our SLA, we contractually guarantee the availability of the system and, if desired, of the application stack or a service.
In addition, we also monitor applications on request (usually in the form of a status page).

We are one of the best-peered managed hosting providers in Germany. With over 900 direct peerings, you can usually reach your customers directly from our network with the lowest latency and high speed.

Ideal for demanding web applications, such as e-commerce.

Certifications, safety

As an ISO 27001 IT security certified and IDW PS 951 Type2 audited provider, we have been meeting the high data protection and data security requirements of e.g. the financial and automotive sectors for many years. Our infrastructure is designed to meet demanding data protection requirements and our staff is experienced and intensively trained accordingly.

Furthermore, we provide our project customers with the corresponding evidence for their own records as part of our certifications and audits. This simplifies the outsourcing of even critical business processes and data and accelerates the review by audits and auditors (less costs on your side).

Comprehensive data protection and hosting 100% in Germany

Our customers attach particular importance to comprehensive data protection. Our data security, availability and data protection measures are implemented and monitored as part of our integrated management system.