Docker Hosting Germany – Managed Docker Server

Docker Server the high-performance container solutions 24/7 Supported, ISO 27001 certified Managed Hosting

Flexible and uncomplicated applications with Docker

The use of Docker generally simplifies and shortens the provision of applications and services. The use of container technology makes it easier for you to install, maintain and operate services separately from each other. A wide range of tools based on Docker make your daily work easier when developing and maintaining applications.

Docker Server in Germany with ISO 27001 certified Managed Hosting

Our managed servers with Docker combine the advantages of Docker’s flexibility with the stability and security of managed servers according to ISO 27001 IT security. We take care of the operation of the base system 24/7, including monitoring, backup, security updates and incident management. You concentrate entirely on the development and deployment of your applications. Of course, DSGVO compliant with AV / ADV.

  • 100% server location Germany

  • High-security data centres

  • Backup your data

Managed Docker Hosting from Hostserver

Benefit from over 20 years of experience in the operation of IT systems, comprehensive certification and auditing for the secure and stable operation of your applications and container setups.

  • 24/7 managed Docker servers

  • ISO 27001 certified managed hosting

  • DSGVO compliant with AV / ADV

Test 30 days!

Test 30 days!

Test 30 days as part of a POC. Contact us

full support

full support

We provide comprehensive support from set-up to deployment of the first container.

more performance!

more performance!

We offer performance, test us within the scope of a POC for 30 days.

Your business hoster for containers with over 20 years of IT experience

We have been providing professional and competent hosting services to companies and agencies for 20 years. From individual managed servers to Docker hosting, Kubernetes clusters to cloud solutions, also geo-redundant. Please contact us.

Consulting / Distribution

Consulting / Distribution