Security for your data and servers through our 24/7 managed firewall service.

Based on one of the most secure operating systems, we offer you a fully managed firewall service from 100 MBit/s to over 10 GBit/s at the highest level. Our solution, based on the open-source and globally recognised software pf (“packet filter”), covers all important aspects of current requirements for firewall systems for the operation of servers and applications on the Internet. If desired, we also offer service for closedsource firewalls from FortiGate, Juniper and Cisco, among others, for your projects.

Basic Firewall Service

The entry-level solution up to 200 Mbps. Use our centrally managed firewall cluster to secure your servers, data and applications. Upgrade to a dedicated firewall or a dedicated firewall cluster at any time.

Private Firewall Cluster

Redundant setup with at least 2 physical nodes in active/active mode with separate connection to our backbone. Complete separation from other customer projects with simultaneous full redundancy for high security and availability requirements. Optional operation as an Active/Active firewall cluster in two 100% separate high-security data centres.

Private Firewall

Your own firewall system. Managed and monitored 24/7 by our experienced system administrators. Complete separation from other customer projects. For increased security requirements and higher bandwidths.